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See who else is hereWhat's wrong with my headscarf?

Indra Yasemin Jeroen Driss Kwame

Indra: Yasemin, what's wrong? You're so quiet.

Yasemin: I am furious!!!

Jeroen: Wow, that really sounds like you are mad. What happened?

Yasemin: When I got to school this morning I was called up to see the principal. She asked me why I was wearing a headscarf. She was all prepared to explain to me that a headscarf is not required by the Koran.

Driss: Where does this come from?

Yasemin: I don't know. I'm wearing my headscarf since the beginning of this school year and no one has ever said something about it. At least not to my face. This morning it seemed like the principal had really bee thinking about it.

Kwame: What do you mean not to your face?

Yasemin: Well, I have noticed that people have an opinion about it behind my back. For example, that I'm too young to wear a headscarf. That it's only obligatory when you're married. Or, like this morning, that it's not in the Koran. And it's really terrible when they say that I was forced to wear a headscarf. That my father or brother have made me do it.

Jeroen: I thought you had to because you are Muslim.

Yasemin: No, of course not. I think some girls are forced to wear a headscarf. I think that's wrong. Forcing is wrong and not allowed in my religion. I choose with my own free will to wear it. As a child I learnt about Islam and since I was nine years old I sometimes wore a headscarf. Since I was fourteen I've worn it all the time. I have about twenty of them in my wardrobe with all different patterns and made from different materials. I did not expect it to be a problem at school. During sports I take it off.

Indra: I think a headscarf is just beautiful. In my family women wear saris at festivals. That goes along with a kind of veil as well. When women get married they wear a veil in front of their face as well. Just lovely.

Yasemin: Well, I don't think that's a good example. I do not wear my headscarf just because it looks nice.

Jeroen: Why then?

Yasemin: Because it comes from my belief. It's a command from Allah. I would like to follow the prescriptions of my belief because you can be rewarded for that when you've died. There are not only rules for women, also for men. I'm not harming anybody and I'm not planning to either. I've chosen for this myself.

Kwame: But when they ban the headscarf at school, what are you going to do? Driss: Where and when you're allowed to wear a headscarf in the Netherlands is controlled by law. Women can decide whether or not they want to wear a headscarf. In a few cases the law isn't clear, like whether it's okay for a prison wardress or a judge. They still need sorting out. But Yasemin is allowed to wear a headscarf because we are in a state school.

Yasemin: There you see, I was right all along!!! Driss, can you help me in my next discussion with the principal?

Driss: Of course!! But right now I fancy a milkshake.

Indra: Me too. Hey, Yasemin, can I take a bite of your cheeseburger?

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