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See who else is hereDoes God care if you're gay?

Kwame Indra Driss Jeroen

Kwame: Hey, Driss, did you see football yesterday? What jerks!! We lost.

Indra: I think it wasn't too bad. They played good and tried their best. The other team was just a little bit better.

Driss: Why do you ask me? I really don't like football. Do you, Jeroen?

Jeroen: Ho, ho, that's what I call a prejudice. Gays don't like football.

Driss: Hey, that's really not what I meant!!! Why are you reacting like that?

Jeroen: Well, you always have your opinions ready about gay people, don't you.

Driss: Who is 'you'? Who do you mean?

Jeroen: I mean you, the Moroccans. You just can't imagine that a man could fall in love with another. Or a woman with another woman. Within Islam you think of homosexuality as a disease and you condemn it.

Driss: It's easy like that, isn't it? Just shift the blame onto Islam. I think other religions don't handle this that easy neither.

Indra: No that's right. Yesterday I heard my parents talking about a marriage between two men in Hinduism. It's possible but not really in line with the rules.

Kwame: Actually I never really thought about it but I think that the church isn't too happy about homosexuality either.

Jeroen: It doesn't matter to me. It's not God's business that I am gay. Is it? What am I doing wrong??

Driss: Hmmm, that's a difficult question. I do know that there are lots of groups busily discussing homosexuality, and they will be for a while yet. What exactly is written in the Koran? And how do we interpret it anyway? I think it's the same with the Bible.

Kwame: True!! In my church people get together, homosexual men and women, to read the Bible to see if it could be read another way.

Jeroen: That's why I am happy that I do not believe.

Indra: That's not fair. For sure there are also Hindu, Muslim and Christian gays. They want to believe and to be gay. That has to be possible as well.

Jeroen: Yes, but it will take so long to sort out. For me it was already difficult to tell my parents that I am gay. And I think my father still doesn't completely accept it. Do I really now have to ask the priest for his approval?

Driss: That's what homosexual Muslims want. I'm sure it's because they'll get more understanding from their families then. To be honest I also think that it will take a long until two men can be married in the eyes of Islam.

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