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See who else is hereThe priest and the imam can't both be right

Indra Jeroen Driss Kwame

Indra: I find it confusing, all those different religions in the Netherlands. The imam says this, the priest says that, our pandit says we have to do this and then the vicar has another opinion as well. How can this work out in a small country with so many different religions?

Jeroen: Well, it depends ... They all say the same. Being gay is wrong!!

Driss: I think Indra means something else.

Indra: Because of all these religions we get lots of different rules in such a small country.

Kwame: Yes, but I won't listen to the rules of your pandit. And Driss will not listen to the vicar. Everyone should choose for himself who he wants to listen to.

Driss: I think it's not that bad. I think there are many similarities.

Jeroen: That's what I say. They all condemn the same thing. You may think Catholics are tolerant but according to the Vatican you're not allowed to be gay. And the Imam says homosexuality is a contagious disease.

Driss: All world religions say that you have to respect other people. Homosexuality is seen negatively by different religions. I know Islam is very outspoken about this. But I believe at the end God will be the one to decide what's good and what's bad. We are not allowed to do that.

Indra: But it' s in the written word.

Driss: That's right, but these writings, the Bible and the Koran, are very old and we live in the present, in another time.

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