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Basically I have problems with two things. At first: I am too fat. This makes me uncertain and unconfident. At school I sometimes get remarks and I don't like that at all. My mother tries to help me by saying I have to accept myself just as I am. She is right about it but it doesn't help me a lot. I compare myself with other kids in my class. Yasemin is very pretty and slim and Indra can really eat everything without growing fat. Fortunately Driss doesn't have any problems with it. He always says I look great and makes me blush.

One other thing is the Palestinian-Israeli Question. At home we talk about it a lot. That only to be expected when you have family living in Israel. But now I'm in love with a Muslim boy and people say most Moroccans don't think positively about Jews. I find it so hard that the situation has an effect on the situation over here. Sometimes I say to my mother: ‘You can talk endlessly about it, but it doesn't solve anything over here.’

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