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I really came out of the closet. I mean everyone knows about it. I am so glad that I told everybody. I really donít fancy trying to be someone that I am not. By the time I was 13 I knew it for sure: I am gay. But it took two more years until I had enough courage to say it. It was especially difficult to tell my family. My father really blew up. Fortunately itís going better now. It will always be difficult for him but he has accepted it. As my mother and my brother did. My sister is still too young to get it. Actually at home itís not such a big topic anymore.

At school it is different. Itís not accepted by anybody there. Itís remarkable that particularly Muslim youngsters canít handle it. In the playground they really drop weird hints and when I meet them in the washroom you could get the impression that I had a contagious disease. I donít know why people react that badly. Iím not doing anything wrong.

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