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I have a problem. I'm head over heels in love with Sarah. Sarah's in the same class and I feel that she fancies me too. I see her everyday in the bus and she always sits next to me. We talk a lot about everything and we also kissed once. The problem is that she's Jewish and I am a Muslim. This is a delicate combination. I haven't told about it at home and I don't know how things will go on from here. Sarah has told her mother and since then Iíve been over at Sarah's for dinner.

Besides this I think it is trying to be Moroccan. There are so many prejudices, especially about Moroccan boys. In town I feel that 'mutual' racism is increasing. Somalis against Moroccans. Moroccans against people from the Caribbean. It's still difficult to find a good way to respond to all the things people say.

Let's go to Netherdam with Driss

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