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Every day I go to the mosque. You can come with me if you want. Our religion is called Islam. For me being a Muslim means believing in God. There are five important rules that we learn from our holy book: the Koran.

1. Praying five times a day.
2. Helping poor people.
3. Bring a visit to Mecca. Mecca is a holy place for Muslims.
4. Knowing that Allah is the only God and that Mohammed is his prophet.
5. Fasting. Every year we have Ramadan, we do this to remind ourselves that food is a gift from God and to remember that not everyone has enough to eat.

We are not allowed to eat pork because pigs are regarded as impure. We are not allowed to drink alcohol or use drugs. We believe that it is impossible to imagine what God looks like, therefore we have no pictures/portraits of him.

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