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At school and with my Dutch friends I always speak Dutch. At home I speak Moroccan. I also speak French.

The Moroccan language is partly Spanish, partly French and partly Arabic. There are many dialects in the Moroccan language, like there are many different groups: the Sousis, the Schlouh, the Rifis, the Sahraouis, etc.

The Schelha is a dialect that is mainly spoken by people in the south. In the north of Morocco many people use the common language, ‘darija’, which in fact is a dialect too.

In cities like Casablanca, Marrakech and Rabat many people speak French. But there are also people who only speak one dialect.

Our family is from the north of Morocco and we speak ‘darija’. For years I went to the mosque on Mondays to learn Arabic, the language that is used in the Koran, our holy book. Like Najat told you I am a Muslim. After 9/11 many people think all Muslims are fanatics. That really bothers me. In many religions there are people who think they're right and have extreme viewpoints. It's not fair to only think that of Muslims.

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