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Hi, I'm Najat, Driss's big sister. I have lived in the Netherlands since I was four. Driss and I come from a large family with many brothers and sisters. That's why there is much difference in our age. I don’t have to feel much like a big sister for Driss, though, he’s very grown up for his age.

There is a lot of talk on TV about ‘lousy Moroccans’, but that's nothing to do with Driss. Driss is a sensible boy. He is very religious and I think that's good. He is Muslim but he's practising it in his own way.

We talk a lot about religion in our family. I don't wear a headscarf but I have respect for girls who do. My parents have always supported me in my decision. Within the Moroccan community there is much discussion but I have made my own choice. I work at a school as a teacher and I want to be the same as other women working at school.

Let's go to Netherdam with Driss

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